Piaget Possession Open Ring

7.200 AED

  • Pre-owned Piaget Possession Open Ring
  • 18k Rose Gold, Diamonds & Malachite
  • 100% Authentic
  • set with 20 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.21 ct)
  • Size: 56
  • Reference: G34P5D00
  • Retail Price: 13700 AED (13/03/24)


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Discovering Elegance: The Allure of Piaget Possession Open Ring G34P5D00


Piaget, a renowned luxury brand synonymous with elegance and craftsmanship, has captivated the world with its exquisite jewellery creations. Among its prestigious collections, the Possession line stands out as a testament to Piaget’s commitment to innovation and sophistication. In this article, we delve into the mesmerizing world of Piaget’s Possession collection, focusing on the iconic Piaget Possession Open Ring.


History Of Piaget Brand:

Piaget, a revered luxury brand renowned for its exquisite jewellery and precision timepieces, traces its origins back to 1874 when Georges Édouard Piaget established a small workshop in Switzerland. Initially focused on crafting high-precision pocket watches and clock movements, Piaget’s commitment to quality and innovation propelled it to prominence. Expanding into wristwatches in the mid-20th century and later venturing into fine jewellery, Piaget’s creations became synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Throughout its storied history, Piaget has consistently pushed the boundaries of design and craftsmanship, introducing groundbreaking innovations such as the ultra-thin movement. Today, Piaget stands as a beacon of luxury, offering a diverse range of iconic collections that embody the brand’s rich heritage and unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Overview of Possession Collection:

The Possession collection embodies the essence of modern luxury, offering jewellery pieces that exude playfulness and freedom. With its signature turning rings, the collection adds an alluring movement to each piece, transforming them into contemporary talismans for the modern woman. From necklaces adorned with turning cylinders to pendants and bangles with moving rings, Possession jewellery celebrates elegance in motion.

Piaget Possession Open Ring: Design and Features:

At the heart of the Possession collection lies the Piaget Possession Open Ring G34P5D00, a symbol of timeless beauty and sophistication. Crafted from 18K rose gold and adorned with 20 brilliant-cut diamonds, this exquisite ring is a true masterpiece of design. Its distinctive feature is the incorporation of two malachite cabochons, adding a touch of vibrancy and allure to the piece.


Materials and Gemstones Used:

Piaget spares no expense in sourcing the finest materials for its jewellery creations. The Piaget Possession Open Ring is no exception, featuring high-quality rose gold and dazzling diamonds. The inclusion of malachite cabochons further enhances the ring’s aesthetic appeal, creating a harmonious blend of elegance and allure.

Inspiration Behind the Design:

Inspired by the captivating charms of the Possession open bangle bracelet, the Piaget Possession Open Ring G34P5D00 pays homage to its iconic predecessor. The design incorporates diamond-set turning rings, reminiscent of the playful motion that defines the Possession collection. The addition of malachite cabochons adds a contemporary twist, infusing the ring with a sense of modernity and style.

Band Width and Ring Size:

With a band width of 2.5 mm, the Piaget Possession Open Ring offers a perfect balance of delicacy and sophistication. Available in size 56, this exquisite piece is designed to fit comfortably on any finger, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear or special occasions.


Where You Can Buy 100% Authentic Piaget Jewelry?

At [Elegance Times Watches], we are proud to offer a curated selection of Piaget Possession jewelry, including the exquisite Piaget Possession Open Ring. Whether you visit our physical shop in Dubai’s Deira Gold Souq or shop online, you can experience the luxury and elegance of Piaget firsthand.

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The Piaget Possession Open Ring is more than just a piece of jewellery; it’s a symbol of elegance, creativity, and empowerment. From its exquisite design to its impeccable craftsmanship, every aspect of the ring reflects Piaget’s commitment to excellence. As a cherished addition to the Possession collection, this ring embodies the spirit of modern luxury and timeless beauty.


1. Is the Piaget Possession Open Ring suitable for everyday wear?
– Yes, the Piaget Possession Open Ring is designed to be versatile and durable, making it suitable for everyday wear.

2. Can the ring be resized?
While some rings may be resizable, it’s always best to consult with a professional jeweller to determine the feasibility of resizing.

3. What occasions are suitable for wearing the Piaget Possession Open Ring?
– The Piaget Possession Open Ring is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a casual outing with friends or a formal event.

4. How should I care for my Piaget Possession Open Ring?
To maintain its beauty and shine, it’s recommended to clean the ring regularly with a soft cloth and avoid exposure to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.

Additional information






Without any signs of Wear, Pre-Owned(Like New)




18k Rose Gold



Gemstone Type

Diamond, Malachite

Gemstone Number

20 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.21 ct), decorated with 2 malachite cabochons.

Type Of Jewelry


Scope of delivery

No paper, Original box, Ring


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